[vc_row][vc_column][pixomi_testimonial_slider slide_1_img=”28″ slide_1_client=”Dianne Thornton” slide_1_info=”Business Support Analyst, PTI Group Inc.” slide_1_content=”I was extremely pleased with the Trainer and Consultant Provided by the This Consulting Company. The CEO Brought the Optimal mix of JD Edwards knowledge, Accounting knowledge and Real World Experience. He asked the right probing questions and really listened to our answers and Helps us in Every Matter When We Need to ensure that he was Meeting our needs.” slide_2_img=”29″ slide_2_client=”Kevin Smith” slide_2_info=”Director, IMP Group International Inc.” slide_2_content=”The Entire Team was Able to Quickly Grasp what we Wanted to Accomplish and had some great ideas on how to achieve our goals. She has a wide variety of Implementation Scenarios in her background that she could Draw information From. The demo that she put together with not a lot of preparation time was very well received. Highly Recommended for Everyone.” slide_3_img=”30″ slide_3_client=”Robert Babs ” slide_3_info=”Director, IT & Global Applications” slide_3_content=”I have Engaged one of the Members of the team to work with the Human Resources Payroll and Finance Functions to Resolve Open Issues that has plagued the company since the Go-Live over a year ago. The consultant has successfully resolved these issues and will be coming back in April to implement some additional functionality for these modules.”][/vc_column][/vc_row]